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  • VSL will win and loose...

    Never mind

  • Well, transition form Horizon to VSL Instrument is rather steep - you first have to invest all over again.
    And that is for the Strings.

    I am more worried about Epic Horns or French Oboe - I think they get mangled into the big Brass and Winds. I would have prefered further small libs like the horizons - one for flute, etc, so one could slowly buy separate instruments. especially with the new VSL Instrument, that should be even easier: Be able to buy the flute - you get Winds I or so and only a registration for the flute.

    Hope they will offer that.


  • Ok! ok! I understand, I suck at writing these things, one pity reply...thanks Steff! [[[;)]]] I'll leave that to the more gifted ones, such as Ed, and stick to asking about technical advice from now on. To each his own. [:)]