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  • Do VSLers ever meet?


    Are there any work/study/play groups among VSL users in different locales (besides NAMM)? Composers (myself included) are notoriously solitary and, of course, professional musicians are usually either very busy or trying to become so. I would be interested in knowing if there are any users who regularly meet in groups of any size.

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada - USA and I think it might be both interesting and valuable to meet others nearby who use VSL and/or sample based composing/orchestration in general. I am not personally acquainted with any so I invite contact if anyone is interested.

    Apropos of that, and considering that everyone eventually comes to Las Vegas, I wish to extend an open invitation to VSL users. Please feel free to contact me if you plan to visit 'Vegas.

    I look forward to meeting some of you.

    Be Well,


  • I don't know of any official or unofficial VSL users group that meet at all. I do know of several people that, upon my urging, bought some portion of the VSL library. I speak regularly with these people about production techniques and how to better use the VSL libraries. I am in NYC, others are in Hollywood, CA; Baton Rouge, LA, and Detroit, MI.

    Perhaps there are others who do the same. If there are, I don't know about it.