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  • Vienna Pricing

    Its a shame that the (re)launch of such a high quality and inovative product has a huge amount of emotion invested in the pricing as opposed to the achievement. My initial reaction to the demos was that these instruments are the true start of PLAYABLE (as opposed to programable) orchestral instruments and are a milestone in the developement of 'modelled (/sampled)' acoustic instruments.
    However, I think the companies pricing policy is to blame as opposed to whinging from users. Initially the VSL team promoted the VSL as an investment for life with a fiirly priced upgrading system. Until now this has been the case. Having read most of the posts and their replies on this subject I think that the new upgrading system is unjust for all the reasons articulated in the other posts and you just know deep down inside when you are being 'had'. For that I am going to stick with what I have, take advantage in the price drop for one of the products which I currently need (at least thats better value now - one good thing to come from this upgrade) and wait AS LONG AS IT TAKES for the Vienna Instruments to come down in price. I don't mind the bit of extra programming - practice makes perfect and theres nothing you can't do with the old set with a bit of effort that the new set can make much better -testimony to this is the online demos. If they don't drop thier prices, well, the competition reads these forums as well and they may smell blood.
    VSL - a review in your pricing method would calm peoples nerves and restore some of the damage done to peoples trust in yourselves. I hate having to knock something thats given me a lot of pleasure but I feel strongly about what is happening.

  • I can't knock you guy. Although I'm sure others will.

  • You should wait for the discount calculator.

    I'm now figuring VSL guys in the role of Dave Bowman - in "2001: A Space Odissey" - while disconnecting Hal 9000...


  • I would have been reasonable satisfied with the discounts if they applied, say, in the case of the strings to an upgrade from First/Pro edition strings to VI Strings. However, we do not know the articulations (at least I can't find them) of VI Strings I snd VI Strings II. Have they divided the initial product into two sections? If so, you are really paying double the prices shown. Hmmmmm. I'll wait and see the content before saying any more.
    I'm still wary. Wish some of the administrators would clarify in clear terms what exactly the new VIs contain or post it up on site.

  • WOW !! I just checked the discount calc....I own first edition Giga and Pro Edition EXS - if I upgrade to everything except the chamber strings $4500 and if i 'd go extended...$5700.00 - I wasn't aware of these least if VSL would cover all grounds, meaning I wouldn't need another library BUT that's far from happening.

    Those prices are steep my friends...steep, especially in these times where budgets are getting lower and lower and lower...I have started to convince my clients to record a B list orchestra for my stuff (still sounds better than samples), that way I can save the money for expensive libraries and let them pay for it...Orchestra prices have come down as well...10-20G's and you got one, and its not coming out of your pocket but your clients.

    ...back to work !


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    @Thor said:

    Those prices are steep, especially in these times where budgets are getting lower and lower and lower

    I would get a -25 euro discount on VI Brass II and -35 euro on VI Woodwinds II.

    Sit by the river long enough, and the recession...


  • OK, according to the calculator, I can't upgrade just the standard with any discount at all. (I'm assuming these are the same samples I already invested into) but I can upgrade with a discount for the extended material, but only if I buy and pay full price for the standard material as well. What kind of deal is that?
    Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. According to the calculator, someone wanting to upgrade the pro edition is going to be looking at a just under $5000 dollars to do so. I'm not feeling like a VIP here. I would have liked to see a very small fee for crossing over the standard lib samples that we've already paid for. Then a nice discount for the extended lib material.

  • Tripit...I wonder what PaulR has to say about that....

  • VIP = Very Ignored Person

  • If you spent about $5000 for the 1st edition including the upgrade to pro and now your looking at almost another $5000 for the next upgrade, we're paying the same or even more than if you just came along and bought the VI new.
    This just can't be right. I'm hoping that the calculator is set up wrong.

  • I just double checked the figures. The VIP discount isn't even as much as i spent on the pro edtion, so in fact I will have to pay more for my entire VSL investment than some coming in and buying the VI version new now.
    I bought the 1st edtion the very frist day it was availble here in LA. As a matter of fact I bought it at a special afterhours invite seminar held by WestLAmusic for the then brand new company VSL, Herb was the one showing us VSL that night, and many of us plunked down cold cash for the 1st edition right there. One of the selling points was the clear VIP upgrade path. You won't have to pay for your samples again. Your investment with VSL will always be safe. You will be a VIP and you will get a discount from those buying at a later date. That's the incentive to buy early.
    I've upgraded to pro, again paying out to get up the path. Fine.

    Hey, I don't expect to get more material for free. But to be told that I'm going to have to end up paying more than someone buying VI whole, is a huge let down. What the hell happened to VIP? What the hell happened to the promise made to us by Herb that night I bought the 1st edtion.
    Maybe someone posted the prices wrong and it's all a big mistake. I sure hope so, I'd hate to think that VSL is going to stick it to those of us that invested into their product and actually believed in their VIP program.

  • Tripit,

    I was the West LA (Universal City), I dropped off some cash for the first that night...

    I cross - up - graded to Pro EXS...thinking I am VIP, instead it turns out I am just a VUP...

    what's a VUP ? I don't know, but not a VIP...

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    @Thor said:


    I was the West LA (Universal City), I dropped off some cash for the first that night...

    I cross - up - graded to Pro EXS...thinking I am VIP, instead it turns out I am just a VUP...

    what's a VUP ? I don't know, but not a VIP...

    Hey Thor, I think we were some of the first people to get a hold of VSL. Anyway, I think VUP would be a Very Upset Person.

  • YES !! VUP it is...HAHA!

  • [:D] A VUP. Now that is funny. [:D]

  • I must admit I have snapped up the VSL Strings at a reduced price as promised - I would be interested in purchasing the Solo Strings as I already have the Horizon version and find it sets me back only 250 pounds Stg approx for the VI instrument. I'm mellowing a little.

    However, I still find that purchasing the Strings 1 and Strings 2 to be a little prohibative even with the VIP price. Especially when essentially all you are getting is the upgraded interface for the Strings. Bit funny to split them up like they did,it's like paying on the double. Must be something they can do to help people like myself who feel abused!

  • Come to think of it, I suppose I'm a VAP as opposed to a VUP. and certaintly not a VIP