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  • What the Hell is the new VSL?

    Okay .. sorry for being an idiot here!

    But I'm havving trouble understanding what the new VSL is. Some say its a cube .. others say its, the vienna instruments .Then theres all this stuf about extended libraries , but the pic of the new 'cube' already shows extensive libraries.

    What is the 'Basic' cube/instrument ... thing!

    I've just got no idea what this thing is. IF I bought the basic package .. what would I get, does that contain all the instruments on the pic. or is this just the engine.

    If I bought the Full package, what else do I get. Help me out here [*-)]

  • The Cube is the combined name of a collection of 10 sample libraries. These are powerd by a virtual instrument smartly called Vienna Instruments.

    Makes sense?