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  • Different system requirements for the Cube?

    I have seen through the system requirements for the cube and pro edition etc.
    But is the new Cube less demanding on hardware (RAM,processorpower, etc.)
    It seems to me that its new structure (sample mangagement, interface,etc) are more efficiently designed. I really hope that it is so.

    However, 10000 euros was a bit steep ..... [[:|]]

    I guess G5 Quad could handle adequate sample amounts with ease ?

  • Could we have any exemples on a Bi-Pro G5 ?
    How many VSL AU can run simultaneously, etc… ?

  • The new structure is more efficiently designed, so you should be able to cram more instruments into your RAM than you used to. And using the RAM Optimize function with near-completed tracks you can save even more because unused samples get purged from memory.


  • It's not just about ram, but also about processing power, the more VSL plug you'll use, the more power it will be demanding, I doubt it will be less or equally hungry as the EXS24 plug