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  • Synful Library (

    WARNING!!! If you guys try and screw people on this upgrade, SYNFUL is coming out with a complete orchestral library wih future updates concentrating on Jazz, Rock.

    I've used it on a couple of scores and was quite impressed with the sound. Only 32mb

    You're going to lose some biz.

    People who bought this library shouldn't pay for the same samples. You should be charged a very small fee for the new interface.....

  • Yeah, if you don't want to pay for a Porsche watch out for the Ford KA coming out next year [8-)]


  • Beaswax,...I don't think you can compare VSL with synful or garritan libraries.

    I am sure VSL will make some changes in the price-model for those (like me) who have allmost all VSL products.

  • Will I be hurt if I buy the new VSL instead of Synful ????!!!! [H]

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    @Laurent said:

    Will I be hurt if I buy the new VSL instead of Synful ????!!!! [H]

    Only if you use the money that was due to your loan shark [:D]