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  • Vienna Instrument Chamber Strings - Ponticello or Sul Tasto?

    The Vienna Instruments are blowing my mind! Congratulations on a major achievement. As an avid user of your Horizon Chamber Strings, I was curious about the new samples to that library. Are Ponticello or Sul Tasto samples included? I don't believe there are, but the articulation list is confusing -- as it shows those two categories listed for the Chamber Violas, but without listing any actual sample sets. So I'm hoping the mistake was in not listing the available Ponticello and Sul Tasto samples, instead of in mistakenly listing those sample categories... [:D]

    At any rate, thrilled at the possibilities and look forward to trying to create some wonderful music with your tools.

  • Sorry, there's a mistake in the list - you get ponticello and sul tasto with the solo strings, seems to have slipped in there somehow.