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  • Real World Systems

    Hi All

    The new interface looks fantastic. I just wondered if anyone in Vienna has had chance to set up a 'real world' config yet, with a full orchestral palette of sounds, using some of the Universal matrix options.

    2 x G5s? 4 x G5s? 6x? The RAM management options are obviously interesting, but not of so much use if you're trying to build a template which is 'always on' for film scoring.



  • Excellent question indeed. I hope they will suggest some config setup for various applications. For instance many of us have their host on a MAC and used VSL in GS spread over a few PCs. Now will this setup still beneficial?
    Not sure if it will run as a standalone on a PC.
    I'd be happy to get rid of all my PCs and get the fastest MAC I can if it will handle it fine.


  • Hi Marc

    Yup - that's exactly it. I've currently got a few dedicated PCs running GS/VSL, and sequence/mix on G4s and G5s. It would be interesting to see where we should go to next! (To the bank, presumably).