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  • ram usage

    this looks absolutely amazing [[:D]] - congratulations to the whole team!

    i have 2 questions:

    - what's under the hood [[:)]]? is this an existing sample-engine (kontakt ...) or did you design your own? and how is its performance (ram usage ...) compared to exsa, giga ...

    - i understand the new samples come in 24/96. is there an "outline mode" that uses a lower quality to load more samples? this would be particularly great with your new ram management mode which could simply load the high quality versions when one removes the unused samples (in this case even 12/32 whole-tone would be fine for the outliine versions :wink[[:)]]. otherwise, compared to opus 1, the VI versions would use 3 times more memory and would therefore probably require a farm of quad g5's. i guess in this case there is no chance to load a basic orchestra on a notebook - therefore if it is not in yet, please consider it ... there is still a whole month to go till the release [[:D]].

  • for several reasons no existing sample engine did fit our need, so our dev-guru chris teuscher (aka golem) had to write our own. the performance is ... simply great.
    the format of the content is 24/44.1 - RAM usage is significantly less than you have seen until now ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Nevertheless, if we could use 16 bit samples (even just the existing ones) we would get much more material onto a single machine.

    Any chance at all of this happening?


  • Just found this in another thread:

    "unfortunately not ...
    - *normal* libraries are 16 bit only
    - they are not configured in enough dimensions
    - older content is inherited in the new vienna instruments