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  • EXS Manager and VI

    Any idea whether the EXSManager will work (or is even needed) with Vienna Instruments?

  • no, after installation the VIENNA INSTRUMENTS already know where the content is. in case you need to move files later, there is a scan-tool (included) to tell your VI only once to which location you have moved data.
    of course again: MAC & PC

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • On a similar note, would the installed samples for the VI be available to other ROMplers or would we be expected to keep the original sets (our Horizon Libraries, Pro Edition etc.) separate for that purpose?


  • Hi Colin,

    Vienna Instruments comes in a proprietary format, and the software is a player, not a sampler. It is used exclusively to play Vienna Instruments. But you youldn't want to sample with it, anyway - it's best to leave that to Herb's gang [[;)]]


  • Thanks David, but I think you misunderstood me.

    What I was getting at was that it appears the actual samples are stored in folders on a hard disk much as they are now. My question was whether or not they could still be loaded into other players like Halion or Kontakt. But having read a bit more I now understand that this wouldn't really be desirable.

    It stemmed from confusion about whether or not the existing, 'old' library was still usable with this instrument, and whether or not we would be required to keep all that on disk too.

    Never mind..It's just me....too many questions.



  • Colin,

    you're welcome - and I did misunderstand you.

    If you get all the stuff you have now in VI format, you could purge your hard drive. I can think of some occasions where the old formats still might come in handy, but not too many ... I don't really know about Mac/EXS, but working with VI on a PC is much faster because you can use all your articulations in one Midi track instead of two or three.


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    A different Colin here...

    David wrote:

    @Another User said:

    I can think of some occasions where the old formats still might come in handy, but not too many ...

    If I have jobs which used EXS24 VSL instruments, and I want to call up those jobs (eg to update the music, re-mix, etc) I would have to have EXS24 instances of all the VSL instruments that I used. It's possible though that EXS24 could find the new 24 bit samples, so I may only have to keep the old Logic instruments and could trash all my old 16-bit samples.

    Could VSL comment on this....?

    Regards - Colin

  • Sorry not possible.
    The samples can only be used with the Vienna Instruments.


  • Herb said it. That will be because the 24-bit samples are compressed and in a proprietary format now. Though I guess if you're used to working with your own templates it shouldn't be too much of a chore to re-programme these for the VIs - then it would just be a case of re-assigning MIDI channels, Busses etc. for each project. Indeed, I would imagine you should be able to combine a number of ex-EXS patches/articulations into one VI instance.

    Just guessing really though...


    Colin W

  • Vienna Instruments give you many new possibilities and it takes a little time to get used to the thought, that everything really happens on 1 MIDI Channel.

    And YOU decide which samples you want to play and how you want to control them.

    And as it is simply great to play with you new customized instrument, you will very likely want to record your passage once again, also using the new samples.

    That´s if you find the time to redo all your compositions - you will be so inspired that you´ll just burst with new musical ideas.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the replies Herb and others.

    So, this means that we will need new drives (=disk space) for the VI's. I'm hearing that we should really keep all our old Pro Edition samples & instruments for backwards-compatibility. (?)

    I'm keen to order the cube - just gettings things straight in my mind.

    Regards - Colin

  • Hi Colin,

    you can keep your Pro Edition, but of course you don´t have to.
    It will be very practical if you need to make adjustments to arrangements you made with the Pro Edition....

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul. You guys must be going nuts with all these Cube posts!! [[:|]]

    I'm not asking for a guarantee, but how easy do you think it will be to replace EXS24 ProEd instruments with new instances of the Cube VI's, so that they sound the same? (ie using the same patches)


  • Very important question, how must ESX24 users deal with this new format ?

  • To get the same sound ------ i wouldn´t replace anything....

    To get your NEW sound.... play Vienna Instruments!

    You will love the playability of the Vienna Instruments, and with all the additional content you will also adapt your sound. It´s really like a new beginning.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Laurent: It's ALL users really.

    Clearly it made more sense for VSL to develop their own special VST/AU engine than to keep adapting to EXS24/Kontakt/Halion/etc etc

    This way users of all apps and softsamplers simply buy into one format: the new Vienna Instruments. I imagine in the long run, this will allow them to release updates more frequently as all new patches work on all platforms.

    To deal with it.....transition as always is more difficult than starting from zero. Old users will have to keep working versions of EXS24 format while we run the new insts as well. (That's how I imagine it....)

    Regards- Colin

  • Paul I know it's gonna be super exciting and I will buy it for sure "-)
    But my question was, how to deal with all the songs created with the actual VSL instruments, will you provide us an easy way to convert them to the new AU/VST plug-in format, or will we have to reopen each instance, instrument one by one on each song (a 3 months job !) to be able to at least delete the VSL sample and use only the new ones ?

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    Paul wrote:

    @Another User said:

    To get the same sound ------ i wouldn´t replace anything....

    Okay thanks. I'd better budget for lots of new firwire drives.....

    Can't wait - I'm ready to order.

  • yes that's the point, more and more HD buying and running, but there is so many good reason to do it "-)
    And furthermore, it'll be faster to copy, as I presume the instruments bank will be compact like some Kontakt, no more small files