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  • A hearty "thank you!"

    Dear VSL Team,

    I'd just like to add another heart-felt thank you to the chorus of praise you're getting. Many, many of us have opined on this forum, and privately, for a software solution that accomplishes "the impossible." That is, musically aware tools that allow users to shift our focus from the art of tweaking systems to the art of making music.

    You've done it! I've worked with software developers at MIT and elsewhere on this kind of problem, and none has ever approached the audacity and the practicality of your new audio engine. I know how much thought, work and creativity must have gone into this, and the feat you've accomplished certainly reflects that.

    Your work doesn't only result in a great new product embraced by an eager market ... it advances the art of digital performance of orchestral music in the same way Stradivari did 250 years ago, by developing the foundations and models for instrumental perfection that survive to this day. May your work have an equally important, long and respected influence on our art.


    - Paul Smith