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  • Regarding Discounts


    I have a question regarding the discount prices on the Horizon series.

    I'm guessing the discount price is on the row named "Holiday Full Price*:", but in the "SIDE LICENSE" column rather than the "FIRST LICENCE" one?

    Is this correct? For example, being able to buy the Opus 1/2 bundle for €777 seems a bit strange, since it's even less than the original price of the Opus 1 alone (€845).

    Or perhaps I've got it wrong?



  • Hi Rodney,

    I can't speak for the administrators, but I believe the first problem (the discount appearing in the side liscence column) is just a simple coding error.

    As for the second, the pricing scheme is 35% off all sample libraries, and there's currently some problems with implementing the new prices in the webshop (see my thread for more information: so the Opus 1 price will be changed shortly.

    Just wait a bit and everything should be rectified.