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  • VSL Star Trek sound clip

    Hi All,

    When you get a chance, check out this new Star Trek Clip I'm finishing up ....Were up to Act II now and this clip represents the last of this act...It's a battle scene with the Aliens beaming on board......

    Everything is VSL except the FF trumpets which are Project SAM.


  • Sounds good.


  • You are absolutely spot on for the genre and style. I could certainly imagine something horrible going on down on the planet's surface with a couple of red shirted crew members meeting a horrible end. (mental note - never be a geologist or a security officer on the Enterprise, they issue you a red shirt and your life expectancy can be measured in minutes if you ever go near the transporter [:)]

  • Thanks for listening guys....It's always nice to get some reassurances that you're doing good. The Ol' ego appreciates it [:D] . Hey if you want to check out the actual Trek Film... it's here....
    We are on act II right now....The Teaser and Act I is done on "Tressarion Intersection".

    P.S. Thats true about the Redshirts in Trek....You're absolutely right...Two of them get vaporized by the time the cue is done.


  • Thumbs up!
    It does indeed sound right for the genre. But it doesn't sound familiar.

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