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  • game music questions

    I was wondering if their are any video game composers on here. I have a few questions.

    1) when you do modular music how do you go about telling the programers how to program the difrent layers?

    2) when you do crossfades, how do you go about this and again how do you tell the progamers what to do

    3) what's the best compression to use?

    4) any websites/books that answer these questions? I found one book on game audio that included some references to music. But I am not sure it has what I need to know


  • Hi...

    1) Good realtionship/communication with the games audio director. In most cases he will be the one communicating with the programmers.

    2) I compose the music and give my input to the audio director. Its his headache to implement it. If lucky you get to try out the game with the music, and give your input again.

    3) So far I have been asked for standard wav files.

    4) I havent read it, but there is a very popular book by Aaron Marks which deals with game music.

  • Thanks for your attempt but I don't think we have an audio director, to small of a game/project I believe. I am getting the book I hope it helps.

  • Ok... well then I guess it really depends on your situation. You should try communicate the best you can with the audio programmer, and maybe try not be too fancy in what your trying to acheive. Keep it simple with crossfades, loops and similar. Dont try invent your own music engine or anything like that. [:)]

    My €0.05

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