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  • Performance whish list

    Dear Santa

    Here is what I want for Christmas:

    I would like to be able to "group" channels in the Performance Tool, so that the tool knows if the melodic line stopped or continued. I wouldn't have to ghost notes or trigger a release manually anymore.

    For example, channel 1 is my perf-legato, channel 2 is my crescendo. These two tracks could be "grouped". The first note is a cresendo, the second, on the other track (and slightly overlapping) is a legato note. The tool would understand that it is the same "instrument" and behave like I added a ghost note before the legato note. When the legato note would be released, the release sample would automatically play because among the grouped channels, no other note followed. (as if I added a release note). The release wouldn't sound if another legato or creascendo note was played.

    Is that clear enough or am I confusing?