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  • Missing essentiel Patches from ProEdition

    Hi VSL Team,

    how come that none of the wwinds have Modwheel Dynamic Patches ? No Trill Dynamic Patches ? Can we expect those in an update ? After spending a fortune on a 250GB library it would be awesome to have similar programming between patches so when you write a nice horn line and use the mod wheel for dynamics and later want to double it up with a flute, you could just copy the midi file instead of searching thru numerous 2s, 3s, 4s, dim's and cresc's and trying to combine them. Sorry I sound a bit frustrated...I am very happy with the library.

    I don't know about anybody else, but I find Mod wheel patches bread and butter for Orch Midi Mockups. Those pacthes are essentiel.

    Thanks guys,


  • If you are using Gigastudio 3 then there are "art" files that you can download that will give you most of the modwheel patches that you are looking for.


  • Well, I am an EXS user...

  • Hi,

    there is of course a reason for the "missing" dynamic Modwheel Xfade programs with all solo instruments: You canĀ“t avoid phasing, thatĀ“s why we have recorded so many different lengths and variations of dynamics.

    The Modwheel Blends work fine with all ensembles, but when the same player on the same instrument is playing the same tone.....

    Have a look at your "dynamics" options, thereĀ“s also good tutorials from Beat Kaufmann available on how to use your library to itĀ“s full potential:

    Hope that helps.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for the explanation and it makes sense.
    Although I have a few custom patches of ww's that I made myself and I didn't run into the phasing problem because I recorded "drastic" changes so ppp, mf, fff - that's the trick (it might be tougher for you guys because you record close gets easier when you record the hall along). All you need is 3 layers to get the job done. At least for the stuff that composers are looking for. I find the fixed dynamic patches unusful in most scenarios because when you play a very long drawn out line with swells on different notes, they almost never work out timing wise...I guess one could throw it into melodyne etc...but who has time for that.
    This leads to my biggest problem with the library. I love the detail but don't like the "playability" of it. Too much programming required to get a often simple function/task done. I tend to go to "other" ibrarys often that don't sound as pristine but get the job done quicker and while having more fun.
    Maybe this is something that could be addressed in the future. I don't want to go on a tangent in this thread here.

    We need Mod Wheel's for the WW...PLEEEEEEEAASSE

    Thanks for your input.