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  • Dear Kontakt Users,

    As you might know, Kontakt 2 doesn´t only include a free 7 GB Vienna Symphonic Library orchestra, but also a powerful scripting language that allows us to incorporate the functionality of the famous Performance Tool into your Kontakt 2 programs!

    We are proud to announce the release of scripted Kontakt 2 programs for all Horizon Series products that are now available in your personal User Area.

    Please download your new Kontakt 2 Instruments and follow the instructions in the included Performance Tool manual for Kontakt 2 concerning the Data Structure to guarantee fast loading times.

    Now you can make use of the powerful Performance Instruments with Kontakt 2 as a VST instrument in your sequencer!


    Your Vienna Symphonic Library Team

  • I've very, very happy about this news. Should make life much easier for us Kontakt 2 users.

    Kudos to VSL for listening to their customers.

  • How very annoying!

    In a good way, that is [[:)]]

    Having considered VSL for some time now, I had finally made the decision to make my first purchase this month, the Opus Bundle for EXS. Figured it would be enough as an entry level VSL package for a newbie like me, and EXS because Logic is my platform.

    And now all these numbers counting down....symphonic cube maybe and whatnot - and now improved support for Kontakt 2 which I also gave some serious consideration before swinging over to EXS.

    Now it looks like I have to rethink the whole thing again....and maybe wait 9 more days before deciding..

    These are interesting times [[:)]]