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  • Thoughts on Apple AU 31 band EQ?

    Just wondering what any mix geniuses (I resign to the fact that I am not worthy and protrate myself before your expertise...) thought, about the Apple audio units 31/10 band digital EQ compared to something say on pro tools I mean is it any good? I only have renaisance EQ to compare it to, and I thought even though renaisannce is supposed to emulate analogue sounding EQ I thought the apple one sounded superior in every way or am I just MAD? [[[[:P]]]] [6] [[[[:P]]]] [6] [[[[:P]]]] [6] [[[[:P]]]]

  • Well .. I alreadey proved that AUMatrixReverb can sound real cool, so it's possible that the rest are pretty good too. I haven't tried most of the AU stuff yet .. mainly cos I'm no where near post-prod for my CD, but when the time comes I'll be looking at them.

    Wouldn't surprise me at all to find that the AU EQ sounds better than your typical native EQ, or even pro versions.

  • You know, it sounds good to me, but it's so difficult to fine tune, between 0 and 3db you have this tiny space to move the mouse you can't get fine tuning on it at all, it jumps 1 db at a time, and even then you don't know where you are until you're at 3db, that's the only downfall, but I really liked the sound of it, actually better than anything I've paid for anyway! I mean I was just interested to see what other people thought about it especially in comparison to more top end in the box eq which I personally haven't used concentrating more on the composition side of things (but now getting more interested in the infinite world of mixing).

  • If you run the AU EQ in "Editor-mode" (the default GUI) and ctrl-click on the faders you are able to fine tune the EQ.