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  • Opus 1 users I need some clarification

    I'm very close to buying Opus 1 at my local music store (Saved by Technology) but I was wondering whether I have to cross-grade to get the Kontakt 1.53 format. The discs they have only list EXS and HALion formats. Now while I do have a Mac Mini with Logic Express 7.1, I would prefer using the sounds through my Kontakt program in my PCs running SOnar 5.

    Can anyone tell me whether I can just buy these discs and download the nki program files from this site (after registering of course) to be able to use?

    also, is the EXS format better than Kontakt 1.53 when it comes to the performance tool(s)?

    If it is, I might use the Mac for VSL running Logic since I believe EXS format plug-ins run very well on Logic. N.I. plug-ins and such aren't so great though because of how Logic's environment is when it comes to CC7 control messages.....

  • Don't worry, Opus 1 is also for Kontakt. The various pre-sets are downloaded when you register. I also got caught by the lack of a sticker on the outside of the box [:O]ops:


  • fiery and dg, on each horizon product there should be a (blue?) sticker saying: kontakt and halion programs available for download after registration in the user area* or something similar.
    sorry if it has not been on the copy you looked at (or have purchased) - if you tell us the location where you noticed that, we'll inquire this directive to be put into action there.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.