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  • new comp - free download

    This is track 4 "Lothlorien" from my new CD done with Opus 1.

    I've put the music to a slide show that includes some Tolkien art work. The slide show is not for sale - sorry. (It was something I put together for my own personal enjoyment.)

    This particular movement features only violins 1 and 2, violas, and 2 harps. Each movement of the symphony actually uses a different instrumentation that corresponds to the different peoples and places of middle earth.

    Enjoy and please do leave comments!


  • I have to say that loading an .exe file goes against the grain. I have a rule that I don't do it unless the file is from a blood relative who I am currently on good terms with. That said, given your long and distinguished posting record, I took the plunge!

    Overall it's impressive and I enjoyed it.

    Particular things I liked:
    1. The imagery software is dead cool. You made excellent use of zoom and pan to make the images interesting. You have to tell us how you did that.
    2. The harp was excellent. I am getting an ear for all this 'fake' music we put together with VSL, but I would still say the harp was real.
    3. I liked the film style of the music. Normally I write structured material, so it is always nice to hear something different. Ambient and atmospheric and peaceful.
    4. Melody was pleasant, but not memorable. This seemed to nicely sum up the eleven world where you would almost expect to only half remember it when you left.
    5. Solo violin was nicely placed. It took the lead but wasn't mixed too far forward.

    What would I consider improving?
    1. Some of the image resolution was a little pixelated in the close-up. Higher res images would add more professionalism.
    2. On occasion I felt some of the dynamics were a touch unrealistic. Did you use cresc samples or mixer vols? I think some crescs came on too strong.
    3. How about adding some woodwind? Elves do flutes and stuff don't they?
    4. Some of the long string tied notes were very long. Maybe a bit of tremolo or some added interest could break it up a bit.
    5. I would add an audio layer of sound effects over the top. Certainly running water for the fountain scene, maybe some birds for the tree scenes. I'm a great fan of sticking audience audio over my VSL material to cover up my sub-standard mixing skills.

    All in all, well worth the listen. I hope you find the feedback helpful.

  • Thank you for your feedback Jonathan. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    To answer some of your questions:

    Yes I did use crese samples. As for the resolution, I really wish I could have used a higher resolution but I just couldn't find some of the pics in a higher res. You also may be noticing the low quality of slide show. I saved it in the lowest quality possible (audio and video) so that it would be smaller to download. The reason I didn't use woods here is because I use woods to signify the Elves of Rivendell. I use brass for anything associated with the Dark Lord, etc.

    This project was a huge undertaking...the biggest thing I have done with VSL (the symphony is an hour in length). I'm just glad its catching on with people. I had one guy who bought the CD e-mail me and say he actually liked it better than the Howard Shore sound track! Personally I don't agree with him. But he thought my music more closely resembled the book whereas Shore's music fits the pictures on the screen.

    I almost asked about the program I used to make the slide show. Its called ProShowGold. It is around $70 and very easy to use.

    Once again, thanks for the feedback!


  • Calaf,

    You are probably owed some commission. I was sufficiently impressed that I bought a copy of ProShowGold. Very neat software. I am now wasting many happy hours gluing my VSL compositions into rather cheesy slide shows. I suspect that's always where it starts [:)]

    I understand the point about the woodwind and the elves.

    One further point, though this may be personal preference. Had you considered turning the reverb up a touch. I thought it felt a little 'dry' in places. You may want to get other views though, as I extreme and tend to go for a live performance feel with plenty of reverb and audience ambience.

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