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  • MIDI Routing with First Edition and Perf. Tool

    I just purchased an Evolution UC33e MIDI controller. I am trying to get a more realistic sound with the strings within First Edition.

    My first question is that if CC11 controls volume expression, which fader is used to cross sample between layers? And is it a default fader, and if not how to program?

    Second, which patches within First Edition should I use when trying to get an accurate bowing sound with strings?

    Finally, does any of this affect the Perf. Tool for legato samples. They sound more realistic but with First Edition Cube I only have a few samples.

    Any direction on this would be most helpful. This is a great forum and I have had help before!

    -Benjamin Warren

  • Hi Benjamin,

    I guess you have the First Edition Orchestral Cube only (just guessing) and I think you are using it with GigaStudio. Right? Because unfortunately I cannot find a registration under your name...

    To answer some of your questions (IĀ“m not sure if I understood everything correctly, but IĀ“ll give it a try):

    The ModWheel is the default controller for crossfading between dynamic layers, please load the corresponding programs into your sampler (the manual helps here, as soon as you have registered, you can download it from, your personal user area).

    Acuurate bowing, hmmm. All our Performance Instruments provide you with this effect, and you donĀ“t even have to think about it. You need the Performance Set, if you donĀ“t have it yet.

    You can also contact me via email:

    The more infos you give me, the easier it is to assist you.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply. I am using GS3.1 but have regestered all of my software. The registration might be under Ben Schantz. Benjamin Warren Schantz is my full name or Benjamin Warren Productions.

    I just have the First Edition. I have some performance instruments with that but not the Performance Set. I belive I need to purchase the Performance Set (STRINGS) for all of the strings I lack. Let me know if this can be a seperate purchased than from the bundle.

    My do not think I am understanding the term cross fading between dynamic layers. Does that mean I load up 2 MIDI chaneels with 2 differend instruments and link them withinin Cubase and use the mod wheel as the controller? I have a MIDI Controller now, the Evolution 33E, and I am trying to get both volume and dynamic expressions out of the samples using this controller.

    I need to know which patches within First Edition have dynamic layering that will allow me to use the fader to control them.

    I appreciate any help on this and I hope this was easily understood.
    It's a learning curve for me and has been for the past year.

    -Benjamin Warren

  • Hi Ben,

    just answered your email (that didnĀ“t carry the information you are providing me with here), and you are right, you own the Complete First Edition (with ALL Performance Instruments you need) and you are registered as Ben Schantz.

    To make use of all the features GS 3 offers, please download your art files here:

    Then use "auto art" to update your database:

    You will have a lot more Performance Legato patches to choose from, and you can also use the ModWheelBlend programs to crossfade between Performance Legato patches.

    Hope that helps.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL