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  • Two Computer Set up

    I just recieved the VSL Pro edition. Epic Horns, and Glass and Stone. My 2 custom built computers should arrive today!!. I 'm now broke but stoked! I intend on running VSL and Horizon only on the two new comps in Giga 3.1x. I have an older 2.54 Giga computer that will run everything but VSL and Horizon stuff. My Sequencer is Pro Tools or Digital Performer on a dual 2.5 mac. NOW FOR THE QUESTIONS!

    1. Registering the Performance Tool on both of the new comps. What when and how?

    2. Spread the Library out over the 2 comps Like ,say, Strings&Percussion on one comp, and Horns&Woodwinds on the other? Or Load the whole VSL Pro set on both computers, in case one goes down or I need to do a massive string section requiring both computers? ( although each comp is supposed to give me 500+ pylophony!)

    3. Load the Cube on one Computer and Load the Performance Set on the other? In this case where to put the Horizon Stuff?

    Any organizational tips welcome. Thanks