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  • Jerry Goldsmith - Star Trek - The Motion Picture - Main Title

    Today I present Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek - The Motion Picture - Main Title.

    Star Trek mp3

    Cubase project

    IMHO this Star Trek Main Title is one of the best adventure themes not written by John Williams!😁

    Goldsmith said of the march. “It was sort of ‘up’ and noble. I had to go somewhere in between the original TV theme and Star Wars. I didn’t want to go [back] to the old theme; another approach that I had was a very romantic sort of soaring space theme, but it didn’t have the drive to it. So, basically I took the original that I wrote and just changed the structure of it, the meter of it—and fortunately it worked very well.”

    The primary libraries are the Synchron Brass and Duality Strings (although I do layer some Elite Strings and Dimension Violins 1 during the divisi passages).

    Best wishes,