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  • Sychron-ized choirs

    Hello All

    I’m tempted to buy the above choirs in the current vsl deal. I already have Soundiron choir elements, so I’m wondering of the vsl synchron-ized choirs would be an “upgrade” to that. If the label was “synchron” I would probably definately buy it coz “synchron" suggests better quality than “synchron-ized” - I have synchron strings and synchron brass, and am more than happy with them.

    Thanks in advance - CD

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    Hi @ColinDougall - In that case, check out the Big Bang Orchestra: Ganymede & Basso Profondo recordings from Synchron Stage. They will ideally expand on your Synchron Orchestra instruments! Best, Andreas

    PS: Yes, they are both on sale, too!

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing