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  • MIR Pro 3D / Cubase 13 setup


    sorry for the noob question but i'm pretty new to the MIR concept.

    Would anyone point me to a tutorial in order to setup correctly MIR Pro 3D with Cubase Pro 13 please ?

    I've searched for some resources on the net but there's not much info about it.

    Thanks a lot

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    Thanks for your interest in MIR 3D!

    From Cubase's point-of-view, MIR basically is "just another plug-in". The main difference is that all instances of this plug-in share a common main GUI window. Each instance is represented there by the so-called MIR Icon that is used to position and rotate the source on the sampled stage of a MIR "Venue", and to control other aspects like its width and its volume. That's about it! 😊

    My most important hint: You should stick to stereo tracks in Cubase/Nuendo, as this DAW is not able to change from mono to stereo just by instantiating a plug in. (In case you aim for surround- or 3D-format, there is a nifty little trick that allows for instantiating MIR as a replacement for Cubase's panner that consequently outputs the target format, though.)

    There are several feature-specific videos available on MIR 3D's product page. Please find MIR 3D's manuals and additional tutorials here:




    Using the search-term "MIR 3D Pro" on YouTube will bring up more useful videos, too, eg. one that covers MIR 3D's powerful preset management.

    ... please don't hesitate to ask in case you need more specific info.

    Enjoy MIR 3D! :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks a lot Dietz !

    I inserted MIR 3D on instruments in Cubase and...

    Wow ! One of the best piece of software I've ever heard. Depth, space, definition, awesome ! I think I won't wait until the demo stops before buying it. Need to test some venues first but the Gateshead seems really great.

    One last question, I plan to move all my orchestral Cubase template inside VEP and I'd like to know if it's better to insert MIR in VEP or in Cubase ?


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    Hey! Great to hear that you like MIR 3D as much as we do! 😊 Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback - we really appreciate it.

    If you use a lot of Vienna Instruments, it is indeed preferable to use MIR in the version that is integrated in VE Pro. This way, the player and the plug-in can communicate directly with each other, which would not be possible in another host. Most importantly, Vienna Instruments automatically find their matching profiles in MIR 3D via VE Pro.

    OTOH, if you plan to use the software mainly for 3rd-party instruments, it is more a question of workflow. Both approaches make sense.

    For actual audio recordings, however, I strongly recommend using MIR directly in your DAW. While it is technically possible to route audio from the host to VE Pro via its "Audio Input" plug-in, it's frankly quite a hack and puts significant load on your CPU.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Dietz.

    Because of you, i have now to revamp my whole template now ! 😊

    Great job guys !