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  • Haydn Symphony 88-Adagio and Finale


    below is an MP3 of the final movement of the Haydn Symphony No 88. It's a happy number using Duality Strings and Synchron Woodwinds, Synchron Brass and Synchron Percussion. I'm still getting to grips with this and sadly not able to get MIR Pro 3D working in way which I am comfortable with. This was created in Nuendo using the Duality Standard library and audio tracks exported into LUNA for mixing. I left all of the mic positions as they were in the Synchron player as I thought they sounded great for my ears. I chose the close mic preset (and disabled the reverb) as I like the energy in these mic placements. I'd be keen to hear any feedback if anyone has the time to listen.

    Haydn Symphony No 88 - Final Movement



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    Movement II - Largo - using Synchron'ized Solo Cello, Duality/Elite Strings and Synchron Woodwinds, Brass and percussion.


  • Movement I of Haydn Symphony 88 is also uploaded if anybody has time to spare to take a listen. I've put all of the recent projects on one page below to make it easier to manage (for me). I'm hoping to start movement III to complete the symphony. These are all using Synchron Duality Strings standard and synchron woodwinds/brass/percussion. They are stereo mixed with reverb added as a separate process as it's all my head can cope with for now. Some day soon I will get MIR PRO 3D working but for now I am trying to concentrate on getting the midi as good as I'm able.