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  • StaffPad + VSL

    VSL is for me the leader in orchestral sampling for decades and I enjoyed using the Synchron libraries as much as I was able to do so.

    However since StaffPad on my iPad Pro became THE only writing tool I use for both my own music and for commissions including film commissions, I just cannot simply switch on my Mac and use my beloved Synchron library...

    StaffPad is so simple to use and so efficient that it became a total non sense to add a layer of tasks by importing MIDI on a DAW on MAC... or importing XML within Dorico for just playing the VSL templates.

    Are you guys planning to deploy libraries for StaffPad? Honestly this would be awesome!

  • That's really up to StaffPad. A couple of years ago they indicated an interest in offering VSL libraries, but then they were bought by the Muse Group, and no new libraries have come to us.

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  • Hi @fablondon!

    Thanks for your feedback, I'll forward it to our team.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist