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  • Problem with constent volumes in VC3 (celli chamber)

    There’s a problem with the Vienna Instruments VC3 (Celli chamber). If using the velocity

    crossfade and setting the volume, the expression and the breath controller (which I use toregulate the velocity crossfade) to the same values all performance patches start about 9 dB

    louder then the non performance patches do at those values (for instance the sus vibrato/non

    vibrato). After about 3 seconds the volume of the performance lowers to the level of the non

    performance patches. The volume drop is always there and it makes the performance patches

    hard if not impossible to use. I use the latest VI Pro and the latest VE Pro on Windows 10, also

    at the latest 22H2 update. I am using Cubase 12 (also the latest version)

    For what it's worth: I do not use the chamber celli that often and I can't remember if I had this problem

    before converting the library to iLok.

    Could you loo into this? Thanks in advance!