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  • The Latest VE Pro 7 is Suck


    After I have updated the VEP 7 to the latest version (7.3.3562) is keep freezing and stuck everytime. When I'm try to export audio by using Cubase, it's frequently freeze and not response. Also, when I try to close the server, it's always freeze and not response.

    Does anyone facing the same issue as me? I mainly run the Kontakt 7 VST3.

    It such wasting my time for this latest version with a lot of issue.

  • Additional, even I try to close VEP7 server project without connected DAW to any instance, it's keep freezing when unloading instance everytime.

    Does anyone have recommendation or troubleshooting?

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    HI! Please use the roll-back feature of the Vienna Assistant (rightlick > Show Archive) to reinstall the previous version - we are already working on a fix.

    Best regards, Andreas

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Just wanted to add that disabling channels also causes a performance problem that feels as if it threatens to make VE Pro hang. I suppose it could well be related to the general hang on shutdown, since it's another way of "unloading".