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  • Extrem lange Ladezeiten!

    Hello dear VSL Forum,

    This is our first post, as unfortunately VSL support has not yet contacted us. The well-founded criticism here should of course be understood as a suggestion.

    The following situation:

    - For 3 days our audio studio PC has been busy downloading the update "Synchron Strings Pro - Stereo Mics" and is blocked. In the meantime, 35 SYVolumefiles have been downloaded. But there is no end in sight. The download file that triggered this update is only about 1 MB in size. The update was not actually planned.

    The problem is that the update process a) is not traceable (How many files are loaded? How long does the process take? Is the PC stuck in a continuous loop?......) b) extremely long loading times - it is really incomprehensible that products with such a large memory volume are sold with such poor download performance. If anyone is interested: We are located in Austria, less than 250km from Vienna, in the center of a city with a very good internet connection.

    The following suggestion to the VSL team:

    - Revise the download process in the Vienna Assistant so that updates don't block the computer for days.
    - Eliminate the confusion between "Install" and "Download".
    - Rethink the performance of the download servers (in line with VSL's quality standards)
    - Enable updates via links if necessary.

    Best regards from Austria