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  • Synchronized Dimensions Strings causing random but continuous -9173 ProTools errors

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    I'm experiencing lots of -9173 error in ProTools caused by VSL Synchronized Dimension Strings, as can be ssen in the attached picture.

    I'm working on a MacBook Pro with M1 Max processor, 16Gb RAM and the library is on an SSD drive. The CPU load of the session is about 30 % (I have a mock up of a Mozart concerto, with VSL strings and piano-woodwinds-brass from other manufacturers, namely Moddart Pianoteq, Spitfire BBC Symphonic Orchestra, East-West Symphonic Orchestra).

    When I press play, the session runs for some seconds and then I get the error message, referring to one of the 5 open VSL plugins.

    Any clue about how to solve this?

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi Alessandro,

    I get this quite a lot also with CPU load around 30% - mostly it's just irritating. If I hit "save" and then "play" (often I have to hit play a couple of times for things to right themselves) I'm back to normal.

    A few things that seem to help a bit (for me, anyway) - these are very obvious but sometimes the obvious works!

    1) If you're working only with MIDI, as it says, try setting a high buffer size. I often go with 1024

    2) Unload unused samples from RAM.

    I believe the VSL team are working on Pro Tools versions of various things so hopefully we'll see some improvements soon. I also get various other issues, such as PT failing to clear all sources from MIR when I close a session. However all these issues are, for me, irritating rather than incapacitating. Fingers crossed improvements are on the way.

    All the best


    Mac Mini M2 16Gb RAM 500Gb int. SSD 2Tb ext. SSD Pro Tools/Mixbus An awful lot of VI, Synchron-ised and Synchron libraries, amongst others. VSL user since 2003.