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  • Killer Mac - Crappy VE Pro 7 Responsiveness. Any ideas?

    Ok. It's not the latest mac but still. 2022 Mac Studio. M1 Ultra. 128 GB RAM.

    To observe the behavior check out this video:

    Every time I click to do something, like change the color of an instance, or rename it, I get 3-4 seconds of spinball. Even after restarting the entire system.

    VE Pro 7 uses about 116 GB of RAM. Is that insane? I keep hearing about composers with 800 tracks in their templates. Mine is a mere 260 and already it's acting up. How much RAM do these composers need to cue up 800 tracks!?

    Nuendo 12 project has all plugins bypassed and turned off to allow me to lower the buffer to 256.
    ASIO is off. Running nativelly M1.

    The latency is low. Great. But making any adjustment to my VE Pro server project is painfully sluggish. I've seen a youtube video that shows it is better to spread loaded libraries amongts multiple KONTAKTs vs. one Kontakt player loaded with multiple libraries. And yet during a consult with the music tech who builds and maintains Danny Elfman's system, this topic did not pop up. So I am trying to find a happy middle. I only use one stereo output per instance. I keep the number of Kontakts in one VE Pro instance to 5 or 6 and I keep the number of total VE Pro instances to 5. (per the recommendation of that accomplished music tech).

    And as soon as I start building a nice orchestral mockup I also get artifacts, clicks, pops. I am only saying this because it might give some of you a hint as to what might be going on.

    I look at Anne-Kathrin Bern's youtube videos and she flies through her 800 libraries VE PRo server.
    What on earth am I doing wrong?