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  • Audio Dropout (restart needed) below 512 Buffer

    Hi, so i'm using Cubase 12 and if i set my buffer to 256, I will after a period of time, loose audio from VEP. I have to restart Cubase in order to regain audio.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Yes. Instead of restarting Cubase, have you tried resetting the audio device in Studio Setup? That restores audio for me without restarting Cubase.

    client: Mac Mini M1 8G OS 14.1.1 VE Pro 7.2.3388 server: MacBook Pro 2019 2.4Ghz 8-core i9 64G OS 14.0 VE Pro 7.3.3502 client <-> server dual NICs, dedicated 1000baseT connection, no switch, manual IP client + server on LAN via primary NIC using DHCP
  • I'll have to try that...still wish that there was a real fix for this.