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  • Is VSL not listening to their customers?

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    I'm sorry for the provocative thread title, but I'm hoping to get an answer. With the recent announcement of a potential Fazioli F212 this year, it has caused some in the piano forum communities to question the wisdom of VSL in bringing to market the Fazioli F212. It is argued that the majority of VSL customers (all VSL customers including producers and solo pianists, etc.) actually want a new Steinway or Yamaha in a drier setting like stage B. I don't think they are referring to the same pianos resampled, but a new Steinway (different tone) and Yamaha.

    An example of the aforementioned discussion can be found here:

    Perhaps it's naive of me to expect some clarity on this subject but I'm genuinely interested so I thought I would ask. Does VSL perceive activity on internet forums as constituting the bulk of their client base? I know you value all customers but do you really see the majority/bulk of your clientele in the online forums? I suspect not, but it wouldn't bother me to be wrong. Thanks for the consideration.

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