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  • Yamaha Motif and CC auto-learning

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    Hello, I have searched the forums and found a couple other people previously had this issue, but could not find a conclusive solution.

    I have a Motif XF keyboard with 8 faders and 8 knobs that I would like to use to control parameters including Expression and Velocity XFade within the Vienna player while using Logic Pro.

    For some reason, even though Logic itself is able to recognize the MIDI input from those knobs/faders and learn and assign them to various controls, the VI Pro player doesn't seem to recognize them (or Synchron for that matter also). If I right-click to "Learn" I can get a response from the mod wheel, pitch bend, and ribbon controller but not the faders or knobs that I want to use. Of those I can only really use the mod wheel since the other two revert to the middle when I let go.

    Any ideas on how I can integrate the faders and knobs? And if not, is there another way to layer multiple parameter changes while recording? I can work around this with Synchron using Logic automation tracks, although it is kind of tedious. But I don't see a way to do it with VI Pro. I hope to avoid the clutter and expense of more MIDI devices if possible.