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  • Synchron Script to build a template in TouchOsc


    I'm trying to build a simple template in Touch Osc to swicth articulations in Synchron Player instruments for live performance. So my setup is : Cubase 12 on iMac, VEP server connected via ethernet to a desktop PC with VEP, Synchron and all the libraries.

    My question is: Do I need a script to be able to send an midi message to Synchron that will go through the dimension tree with parent Slot and their respective child slots (patch)?

    My understanding (if correct) is that I need to send a program change (Parent Slot) and note-on (keyswitch) to the child slot to specify the patch (for example : short - program change for the parent slot, detache - keyswitch for the child slot)

    If so would anyone have that?

    Thank you !