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  • ILok challenge splitting libraries onto a second machine with VE Pro

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    My template is getting large enough that I need to split it onto a second machine. This question could just as well be filed under iLok, but I'm thinking you VE guru's have been through this scenario.

    I have VE successfully running and linking on a second machine. I even have the Steinway D274 patch running just fine on machine 2 using VE Pro 7 on both machines. (Both machines are Win10, BTW).

    Meanwhile, I also have "Synchronized Historic WoodWinds" which I'd like to move to my second machine.

    What I've done so far is have iLok "cloud' be my default authentication on machine 1, and I have a dongle on machine 2 for (ferinstance) the Steinway D274.

    So I'm expecting to move my iLok 'cloud' license for Synchronized Historic WW to the dongle that will live in machine 2, but when I search my licenses for anything like Historic WW, there's nothing there.

    Resolving just this Synchronized Historic WW issue would be great, but I plan to be moving a lot more to my second machine and would like to understand what the general issue/solution is.