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  • string quintet no.1

    My first string quintet written around 3-4 years ago I regard as possibly my best chamber work. Like the majority of quartets, it uses the VSL solo strings which is the most flexible library for this form -- although I'm certainly curious whether VSL can top it when the inevitable Synchron solo strings eventually sees the light of day.

    The inspiration for this work was Schubert's quintet, although the initial theme more resembles Rosamunde than anything from his greatest chamber work. Because the length is on a late Schubertian scale (though without a fourth movement), I don't expect many will get round to listening to the whole work but still I thought it might be worth drawing attention to it on this forum. It can be found, with all my chamber works on my Reelcrafter page. It was composed entirely in Dorico using my own expression maps.