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  • [URGENT] Cloud session open but no VSL instruments

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    I was working for a while on my MacBook where I opened a cloud session and could load my VSL instruments. Closed the session, got back to my main Mac, signed in and opened a cloud session, but VSL instruments all fail to load, they don't appear at all in the VIP Preset/Matrix/Patch list.

    Logged out and restarted a couple of times. "Close All Sessions" is disabled on both computers. "Close Your Cloud Session" is only enabled on my main Mac (the one I'm trying to work on). On the MacBook Pro it is disabled as well. Therefore, no other sessions seem to be opened.

    This is extremely frustrating and counter productive, I planned to work on my music this sunday but instead I have to deal with this.

    Please provide help as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Hi Talino!

    You might have to restart your DAW.
    Currently licenses and installed products are checked and registered only during initial load of the first plugin instance.
    If the Cloud was not open at that point the Player will show no licenses from the Cloud until next full scan.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Hi. I've not only restarted my DAW several times but, like I wrote, the computer as well. It has nothing to do with the DAW. The instruments don't appear even when launching VIP as a standalone application.

  • Hello Talino,

    Did you check that the sample content is showing up as INSTALLED in the Vienn Assistant? Do you see the cloud session open with all licenses activated?

    It will be a good idea to send some screenshots to, so that we can see what you see.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Hello Paul. Yes to both questions.

    It turned out to be related to another issue. Here's what happened:

    • On main Mac : quit everything, close cloud session, disconnect external sample drive.
    • On laptop : connect drive, open session, everything loads correctly.
    • On main Mac : open Vienna Assistant, everything shows "repair" (since the samples aren't there). Quit.
    • On laptop : quit everything & close session.
    • On main Mac : plug drive back, open session, no VSL samples show up.

    I sorted it out (at 3 a.m.) by manually launching Directory Manager, adding all the VSL directories and clicking Rescan existing. It would seem that if Vienna Assistant can't find the sample directories (when I launched on the main Mac in step 3), it shows "repair" and completely forgets where they were.

    If there's something I'm doing wrong when switching from desktop to laptop, I'd be glad to know.


  • Hello Talino,

    It shouldn't be like that, the locations should be remembered. On Windows, it can happen that you get a different drive name, which then leads to the Vienna Assistant not finding your samples. There are 2 ways to go for your scenario:

    1) Go through the repair process and point the VA to the correct location

    2) Go to the main menu in Vienna Assistant and choose "Add existing libraries" whenever you switched and cannot find your samples.

    The classic Directory Manager is still there and usually gets its information from Vienna Assistant, so it makes much more sense to stick to the Vienna Assistant for such tasks.

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL