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  • [SOLVED] I don't have a surround plug-in for Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, what should I do?

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    To briefly summarise the facts about my system/studio to make it easier to find a solution:

    Operating system: Windows 10 Home
    DAW: Cubase 12 Pro
    Audio setup of my studio: 5.1 surround

    In my studio, Cubase is of course also routed out via six channels à la 5.1 configuration.

    I hadn't noticed the absence of the 5.1 plug-in before, as I didn't need it, but now I have MIR Pro 3D, which I want to use with the (virtual) 5.1 microphones. Therefore, it is now imperative that I can use the 5.1 plug-in for VEPro7, otherwise I cannot connect my 5.1 VEPro 7 project with Cubase 12 Pro. I have all the other VSL plug-ins, such as Organ Player and Synchron Player, also available in surround, but not VEPro7.

    I also tried to "force" the plug-in to be surround by adding it with/as a surround instrument track, and as expected it didn't work. (I normally use VEPro7 in the rack by the way.)

    An interim solution I also tried was to keep using VEPro7 stereo and just use MIR Pro 3D as a plug-in in Cubase, but if I want to use MIR's panner instead of Cubase's classic MultiPanner, I can't because VEPro7 is inserted as a stereo plug-in. That way, I also don't get any surround output from MIR Pro 3D.

    Unfortunately, reinstalling with Vienna Assistant didn't help either.

    As you can see, I desperately need the respective surround plug-in, which is why I really hope that one of you can help me!

    (In the end, it's probably a stupid solution that I'm completely overlooking.)

    EDIT: It was of course a STUPID solution, for crying out loud: I had never installed the VST2 plug-ins before, because VST3 plug-ins run in Cubase. Out of desperation, I installed the VST2 versions manually as a test and lo and behold: I finally have the surround plug-in! What was that again? Sometimes I could just go and bury myself.

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    (No helpful comments are needed as I have found the solution [see last paragraph of the post]. But feel free to write how stupid I am, because I deserve it!)