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  • VEP7 First Time User - worrying observations

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    I'm in the process of setting up a new VEP7 server on a new Windows 11-based system (the server). The client machine is a MacBook Pro 2019 (intel) using Logic as DAW.

    Let me preface this by saying that I have a background in tech, so I have tested meticulously by changing one thing at a time before posting here, to ensure I don't add to the noise by posting false observations. I have also restarted both machines to weed out any post-install glitches.

    Also, I will add that have been able successfully connect a VEP7 plugin to the server, and have sound come back to Logic, with latency of about 10ms. So technically there is a working connection and no networking issues (which has also been confirmed with other networking based software).

    Here are my observations:

    • Client
      • EDIT: SOLVED (potentially) I overlooked an AU3 version of the plug-in. While using this I have not seen the "Logic quit unexpectedly" dialog.
        : Every time there is a VEP7 plugin in a Logic project, when I close said project / quit, the "Logic quit unexpectedly" system dialog comes up.
    • Server (As this is a new server, not many instruments have been installed on th system yet. I have installed Synchron Player (Elite Strings) and Kontakt (with a few other instruments packages))
      • Observation: Every time I add a second channel to an instance and add Kontakt to it, VEP7 Server crashes. If I restart the project, I can add the desired channel and Kontakt (because it's the "first"). But again, if I want to add yet another channel with Kontakt, VEP7 Server crashes again.

    Note that I configured and tested my setup from the most basic vector possible, I haven't changed any settings in preferences on VEP7 server etc.

    Please help me weed these issues out, as I can't really work reliably in neither DAW or server, as it comes across as unstable. I can provide video of said observations, but I don't think it will add much?


    Mac: Catalina 10.15.7
    Logic: 10.6.1
    VEP7: 7.3.3502-Nov 23 2023
    Edit: Kontakt 6.8.0