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  • Stuck notes Bounce to Disk DP 11

    Hi folks,

    I've been having issues with notes getting stuck when using faster-than-realtime bounce to disk in Digital Peformer 11 and VEP 7. If I use FTR bounce, I get notes sounding before the first MIDI notes in my sequence, as if they are stuck notes from the previous playback. If I do a Bounce to Disk but deselect "Offline Bounce" (ie, bounce in real time), then things are rendered correctly. It's very frustrating. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

    I'm using the latest VEP (7.3.3502), the latest DP (11.3), and I'm using VEP MAS on Windows 10. This seems to impact several of the VI's I rely upon, including Pianoteq 7 and uhe DIVA. I am pushing the limits of my system this project, but I should think that FTR would be better in that regard.

    Hoping from some insight/assistance as I'm approaching the date that I will need to generate stems for a large project, and I would really prefer not to have to do that in real time.

  • Nobody else has these issues?

    I tried adjusting some of my settings, checking for MIDI loops and what not. Can't seem to find any reason this is happening. I'd be grateful for any insight.

  • Hi mesayre,

    I am sorry to say that I am not able to reproduce your problem here either...

    So this only happens with a few of the plug-ins you are using in this project, but not all of them? Have you tried to set the affected tracks to different MIDI channels?

    Have you enabled "Retrospective Audio Record" in the DP Settings/Audio Options/?

    Does it make a difference if you alter the latency in the VE Pro plug-ins (please try None and 4 buffers) and/or the buffer of your audio interface┬┤s driver?

    All of the above are just shots into the blue, but somehow, your problem feels like some issue with latency compensation to me...

    Best, Marnix

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    Hi folks,

    Sorry for the long delay. I'm on a tough deadline and haven't had time to look into this much. I do appreciate the suggestions, though.

    I tried disabling Retrospective Record, but that made no difference.

    I tried setting my audio driver buffer to a higher value, and there was no change.

    Today I did a couple of quick tests with different VEP buffer multiplier settings. Unfortunately none of those worked correctly either. Please see the image below.

    Using 0 buffers, the extra material is still present at the beginning.

    Using 1 or 4 buffers, the bounce is wrong in a different way - it's missing material at the beginning.

    The only bounce that's correct is the realtime one at the bottom of the image.

    The problematic patch in this case is in Kontakt 6. On a lark, I tried changing the K6 offline interpolation quality, but that did not fix the issue. Interestingly, when I was testing that I ran another test at 0 buffer, and found that it now displayed the same error as the 1- and 4- buffer versions. Or, to put it another way, I get different incorrect behavior depending on whether it's the first FTR bounce I've done since opening the file, or a subsequent one. After disabling and re-enabling the audio engine, I got the first error (extra material at the beginning) even when VEP was set at 2 buffers.

    So it seems something related to event chasing and/or state.