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  • Trying to explain to myself the lack of Non vibrato in SDS


    The usually over-detailed VSL this timed decided, for Synchron Duality Strings, to omit Non vibrato entirely.

    This is an articulation that I use frequently, both as pure timbre and for expressive reasons. For example, I like to xfade between Non vibrato and Vibrato, to give an idea of realism in how vibrato varies during a real performance.

    With smaller ensemble, I also use xfading between Non vibrato and Vibrato to simulate the way vibrato was used as an ornament during the Baroque times.

    At lower dynamics, there is little difference between the Poco vibrato in SDS and Non vibrato in other libraries. The difference is there, but it is subtle. Non vibrato still has, however, that suspended, dreamlike, sometimes desolate quality that even Poco vibrato can't have.

    At higher dynamics the difference is huge. But I'm wondering if Non vibrato is actually used over medium dynamics. Sustaining a note becomes complicate, and the sound lacks 'beauty'.

    I don't know. Can we really live without Non vibrato, or should we call aloud for its return?


  • I too also really want to see non vibrato options for SDS. Hopefully VSL keeps expanding it in the future.

  • I must say I love the Senza Vibrato in Elite Strings, let's hope they recorded it for the Duality and that it gets added at some point. It's incredibly useful having the full range from no vibrato at all up to Espressivo.

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