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  • Choose several Sections via KS/ Issues on assigning KS in Dimension Tree

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    De-Assign KS to "None" dosnt change to None.

    I would like to Change the Sections in my Tuttis via KS (from c#7 i.m.c). Thats easy. But it would also nice to switch back with one Mouseclick To "None", so i can access again all sections "Tutti". But that dosnt works. Still only one Cell can be selected, althought it written "None". Also i realised some issues in General when it comes to assign KS.

    (Now i would have to load at least 2 Instances, one set to "None" and one where i switch between the Sections, because that Issue explained above)

    I have to say that i am stocked on Versions for Windows7. I am actually searching for the latest Update on W7, in a other Treath. Hope that this Issue are solved in a Update. (Never change a working System)

    Thx a lot