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  • First Instance in Server Project Doesn't Connect Reliably

    My VEP Server Project contains five instances, one each for: Ensemble Strings, Solo Strings, Woodwinds, Brass I, and Brass II.

    VEP is running on a MacPro 6,1 OS 12.6.3.

    My DAW (Digital Performer 11.3) is running (natively, no Rosetta) on a MacStudio M1 Ultra OS 13.4.

    The two computers are connected directly, via ethernet, each with a manually-assigned static IP.

    This setup works perfectly, with one exception:

    When I open a project in DP, the first instance of VEP (Esemble Strings) usually fails to connect. The other four instances always connect perfectly. When this happens, I open the VEP/MAS plug-in for the non-connected channel. Sometimes I see the IP address of the server and the name of the first instance and simply connect to it, which always works. Sometimes I don't see the server or instance names, in which case I manually type in the IP address of the server and the name of the instance, at which point it connects.

    So it's not a big deal to get that first instance connected, and once I connect manually it works perfectly. But why does this happen? Why doesn't the first instance connect reliably like the others? I should note that about 10% of the time it does connect automatically; but the other 90% is frustrating . . . any suggestions?

  • I have the same issue, just manually typing in the server ip first, then the (first) instance, after that all other instances are visible.

  • I don't even have to do that--I simply hit "retry" and the connection succeeds. The question is why the first instance doesn't connect automatically, as all the others do.