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  • VE Pro - How to recall disabled tracks from Cubase session (decoupled)

    Hi all. I'm in the works on a new template and I wanted to use disabled tracks for it. I added MIDI CC automation to control enable / disable feature for every Kontakt instance. It works great when I switch it manually but my question is. What is the best way to send "enable" instruction to VE Pro when loading a Cubase Project which already has and arrangement.

    The most obvious solution I see would be to put a short MIDI event on first bar, containing MIDI CC data to trigger "enable" in VE Pro.

    But, perhaps there is something a bit more elegant and automatic ?

    BTW. I'm still on VE Pro 6. I didn't find anything particulary useful in VEP 7 to update. Or maybe there is something in VEP7 that would allow me to overcome mentioned case above ?