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  • VEP7 and Logic Pro - Saving Folder Presets?

    Hi there,

    I'm building an orchestral template using VEP7 within the same computer and I was wondering whether there's a way to save folder presets in Logic with all sends, plugins and routing? It seems on left side where library is, that the option to save folder is greyed out by some reason but for summing stacks it is allowed. I am trying to save auxes for multi-output instruments instead of using them for summing stacks.

    The purpose of what I'm trying to achieve is - build a big template with all the sends, plugins as well as routing and then depending on the project, load saved preset folders as needed for specific project, without wasting the time to look for specific patches and then spend time customising CC, adding plugins, etc. In that case, I would not need to worry about cluttered window with hundreds of tracks.