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  • Optimizing Space in MIR 3D 24

    Good afternoon, I'm starting my tests with the MIR 3D 24 that I just bought, and since it allows only 24 channels, I thought about putting all wind instruments in just one instance, using only one channel and freeing up space for the percussion I needed.

    In this way, instead of centralizing all the instruments, I will place them all in close mic but adjust the Pan slightly so that all instruments are not exactly in the same place, in addition to increasing the spatial emission of sound in MIR 3D.

    I would like to know if this is a solution that is commonly used or if I will encounter any issues by doing this.

  • There's no doubt that MIR will work best with as many individual sources as possible, but the solution you have in mind is still a perfectly valid one to overcome the limitations of its "24" version.

    However, please keep in mind that MIR will narrow the stereo panorama of your virtual ensemble all by itself, of course depending primarily on the settings you choose for the MIR Icon's "Width", but also on its distance from the Main Microphone and its rotation. It makes sense therefore to use extreme panning settings for your woodwinds section before you put it into MIR, using full left/right positions for the outmost instruments.

    ... and please don't forget to use a General Purpose Instrument Profiles for this kind of submix. A Cardioid or Wide Cardioid will fit this task perfectly.

    Enjoy MIR 3D!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library