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  • Link (mirror) paramenters / changes on different channels of the same Insert FX plugin.


    I am wondering if there is any way to link insert FX (Paramenters / Changes), like with the Vienna Equalizer Pro using it on different channels.

    I would like to define "GroupA" in a GUI for a bunch of Eqs, meaning every time I change a setting inside one eq all of the other eqs on differnet channels belonging to the same "Group" mirror every setting. Same with setting up Group B,C,D etc...

    If VEP (the link settings doesn seem to allow it) or the plugin itself can not do it, can anyone recommand an EQ suite that can do that ? The Bluecat Suite for Gain Parameters can Define Groups from A to I to mirror all settings Blue Cat's Gain Suite - Simple Mono, Stereo and Mid-Side MIDI Controllable Gain Plug-ins (VST, AU, VST3, AAX) (Freeware) ( , but I have not found a similar EQ with the same capailities.

    I once heard about a vst wrapper that tries to mirror all settings of inserted FX but not sure what it was called...

    Anyways, thanks a lot, nostaller