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  • The new venue presets

    Dear Dietz,

    Over the weekend I suddenly realized one of the recent updates to MIR Pro 3D, either the one joining Apple’s M club or the one harnessing GPU processing, also included astonishing new venue presets that not only restored the legacy presets, but offer up a dazzling selection of 3D options as well.

    I have been recreating some 24 sequences of poesia per musica from the 1980s. All are set in one of the 3 mystic or sacral venues. I was just finishing up when MIR Pro 3D came along and I felt compelled to go back through each one, but realized the old legacy presets that I had used were not available. No matter, the journey into the immersive (dear) reality was utterly satisfying.

    And now these new ambisonic presets have emerged behind those tragicomedic masks. One really gets the idea behind tapping the “roles” to switch into new set ups. Baby simple. The results are truly stunning.

    For those not terribly gifted with all the subtleties of mixing and mastering, let alone with your gifts, your staggering amount of presents, from instrument eq to the Vienna Suite Pro tools and now these venue microphone setups, offer anyone the chance to work both creatively and confidently within the VSL world of music and those remarkably actual venues.

    Please accept this rather late but thunderous applause!


  • 😊 Glad to hear you like the new (and also the old, but restructured) presets!

    They were indeed introduced as part of the most recent MIR 3D update (the "GPU" one). The presets went a bit under the radar, that's true, although there are literally hundreds of them, so your friendly feedback is very welcome.

    Enjoy MIR 3D!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Indeed! The GPU liason is no doubt a major processing coup, but these new venue presets, especially with the 2nd mic integration, should be headline MIR news. I would recommend using the roles setup tool to switch through the variety of options of any work in progress. I know your mantra is that all the presets are just "starting points" but when you put them together, one gets the sense of listening in to these famous spaces for the first time and it feels suddenly like you "ended up" there.


    @Dietz said:
    The presets went a bit under the radar,

  • I discovered them just yesterday, and was wondering when they had entered my drives. Nice touch!